Professional Limited Liability Company (PLLC)

PLLC Lawyer in San Antonio

Whether you are an attorney, doctor, dentist, veterinarian, or other professional, if you want to start your own professional practice in Texas you must create a professional entity. One such entity you can utilize is a professional limited liability company. While a PLLC and LLC have many similarities there are some substantial differences between the two entities. Hiring a business lawyer will allow you to focus on establishing your business while your lawyer efficiently and correctly helps you with the legalities of starting your practice.

The attorneys of Estorga Johnson Law Firm PLLC can assist professionals throughout Texas, including Central Texas, South Texas, the Texas Hill Country, San Antonio/Bexar County, Seguin/Guadalupe County, Kerrville/Kerr County, Bandera/Bandera County, New Braunfels/Comal County, and Boerne/Kendall County looking to start their own practice.

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PLLCs vs. LLCs

PLLCs and LLCs are very similar entities. Many of the advantages of an LLC apply to a PLLC as well. However, there are some important and substantial differences between the two entities, including:

  • Ownership: Members of a PLLC must be licensed to provide the type of professional services provided by the company.
  • Malpractice Liability Protection: In addition to the PLLC being liable for a member’s malpractice, a member of a PLLC who commits malpractice is personally responsible for their malpractice. The other members of the PLLC are not personally liable for the malpractice of another member. Members of a PLLC need to have malpractice insurance.
  • Securities Laws: Certain sales of ownership in PLLCs are exempt from Texas securities laws.

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