Company and Operating Agreements

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Company agreement, operating agreement, shareholder agreement, partnership agreement, bylaws. These are all documents that describe how a company will be run. They are contracts between owners of a business. Many entrepreneurs do not think about creating, or choose not to create, these documents when starting their business. Not having a company agreement can create headaches, increase costs, and ruin relationships for a company’s owners down the road. It is important to hire an experienced business attorney to draft or review these agreements for you.

The attorneys at Estorga Johnson Law Firm PLLC can help small business owners throughout Texas, including Central Texas, South Texas, the Texas Hill Country, San Antonio/Bexar County, Seguin/Guadalupe County, Kerrville/Kerr County, Bandera/Bandera County, New Braunfels/Comal County, and Boerne/Kendall County create company agreements that work for them and their personal and business goals.

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What do These Agreements Include?

Company/Shareholder/Partnership agreements include the rights, duties, and obligations of each owner of a business. They explain how much capital each owner will contribute to the business, how profits and losses will be split, who gets a say in how the business is run, what happens if an owner dies or gets divorced, and many other matters.

I’m the only owner of my business. Do I need a company agreement?

In many cases, yes. Not having one means you will have to follow the rules and regulations set forth in the Texas Business Organizations Code (TBOC). Many of the regulations in the TBOC can be excluded or changed in a company agreement. Having a company agreement allows you the flexibility to determine how your company will be run and can make it easier to bring in business partners or investors later.

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