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Is Spring Vacation Over?: Navigating Texas Family Law Orders in the midst of COVID-19 school closures

We’ve had many calls recently about what to do in the wake of school closures and possession orders. Luckily the Supreme Court of Texas has stepped in and dictated that: “For purposes of determining a person’s right to possession of and access to a child under a court-ordered possession schedule, the original published school schedule […]

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What implications do Monica’s Law have on Fifth Amendment Protections?

Texas House Bill 629, also known as Monica’s Law goes into effect September 1, 2019. The bill requires court administrators to place the names of people who have protective orders issued against them into a public, statewide database. Proponents of the bill believe this database will help prevent future instances of domestic violence. The hope […]

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Benefits of Divorce Mediation in Texas


A perfect divorce would consist of both parties agreeing on all issues. Such agreement would avoid many of the financial and psychological struggles of a contested divorce. We know this is not always possible. Before you consider going straight into a contested court hearing, consider mediation. A mediator works with parties to resolve issues so […]

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What is the difference between a CPS service plan and legal case?

After Child Protective Services, “CPS” or the “department”, has finished their investigation into an allegation of abuse or neglect the investigation will be done and the department will make a ruling, called a disposition, resulting in the closing of the case all together, a request for the referral of services, a request to sign a […]

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